Oh hey, birth coach

The journey to have a baby is full of unknowns and can be overwhelming.

How do you know where to start?

How do you know what to ask?

What do you prepare?

My goal is to be by your side, not only during labor, but prepare you and your partner during pregnancy for what to expect and to set you up well for the transition to postpartum life. You shouldn't have to go into this experience blindly, so I'm here to hold your hand.

Doula Support

Education Path

The Education Path is for the mama who wants all the information, but wants only her closest people at her birth. With 2 prenatal sessions (either in-person at your home or virtual), Karissa will go over the entire educational trimester bundle with you. You will have space to ask questions, process concerns and fears, learn what to ask your provider, and practice birthing positions and coping techniques with your partner.

Expand the sections below for path details. 

If you are interested in the Education Path, please complete the contact form to reach out to Karissa.

[+$100 if outside a 30 mile radius of Chattanooga, TN]