Oh hey, birth coach

The journey to have a baby is full of unknowns and can be overwhelming.

How do you know where to start?

How do you know what to ask?

What do you prepare?

My goal is to be by your side, not only during labor, but prepare you and your partner during pregnancy for what to expect and to set you up well for the transition to postpartum life. You shouldn't have to go into this experience blindly, so I'm here to hold your hand.

Doula Support

Kind Words

"As an in-hospital VBAC, first-time unmedicated labor, I know that we could not have navigated labor without her knowledge and support. I was so thankful to have her there, supporting me and my husband, and holding space for us to make decisions when everything happened so fast.
Karissa is a peaceful, sweet, Jesus-loving, birth nerd. She is professional, knowledgeable, supportive and personable. She was a calming and safe presence at our hospital birth and made me feel like there was someone else on our side, advocating for the things we chose."
"Karissa was an absolute godsend during the entire process of my wife’s pregnancy and our daughter’s birth. I cannot imagine it without her there. When I meet soon-to-be-dads, my first question is, “Are y’all using a doula?” because our experience was so incredible.
Karissa adapted her style to suite every one of my wife’s needs and truly guided me through every moment so that I could be helpful instead of feeling lost or in the way. She told us stories of other births and how every mother is different and made my wife feel empowered to ask for exactly what she wanted and needed.
After our journey with Karissa, I went from not knowing what a doula was, to now being absolutely evangelical about doulas, and specifically her. What a gift."